The Rose City Chapter of AMCRC is an active car club with members from Oregon, southwest Washington, and the greater Pacific Northwest. The club was founded to encourage and promote the preservation, restoration and collection of automobiles manufactured by the American Motors Corporation from 1958-1969.

Why does our club recognize a combination of automobile companies outside the offering of the Rambler between 1958-1969?

Recall that American Motors was formed in 1954 with the merger of Nash and Hudson. Note that the Nash and Hudson names were then retired at the end of the 1957 model year. American Motors cars were then marketed under the Rambler marquee beginning in the 1958 model year through 1966, with the Rambler American being the last model to carry the Rambler name after 1966 (for one last year, only in 1969).

While the company marketed its vehicles under the Rambler marquee, vehicles produced through the family of AMC Heritage companies include the 1902 Thomas Jeffery Rambler, Nash and Hudson through 1957, and all vehicles produced under the AMC logo—including Jeep—through 1987, when AMC was bought out by the Chrysler Corporation.

Our club welcomes ALL these "related" marquees and models from 1902 through 1987 as part of a larger family of cars: Ambassadors, Rebels, Classics, Americans, Metros, AMXs, Javelins, Matadors, Eagles, Concords, Gremlins, Pacers, Typhoons, Hornets, AMC-Jeeps, Rogues, SC/Ramblers, Marlins, Spirits, Rebel Machines, Alliances, Encores, GTAs, Kelvinators...

In addition to the collection and preservation of vehicles, we encourage the collection and preservation of all printed records, sales literature, books, advertising, magazine articles, training materials, video and radio commercials, toys, memorabilia, Kelvinator appliances, and anything else AMC-related.

The club organizes and participates in many activities: car tours, regional and national AMC meets, car shows (including our own regional AMC Rendezvous Car Show), parades, pot lucks, cruise-in's, and more.

Anyone with an interest in any AMC-related vehicle is welcome to join—car ownership is not required.

Club dues are $35.00 per year. Club dues are based on a 'calendar year,' January through December (regardless of when you join during the year). Your dues cover membership in BOTH our local chapter AND the national AMCRC Rambler Club. 


Club membership has its benefits! Your annual dues payment provides membership in BOTH Local AND National Clubs!


Join other local AMC/Rambler enthusiasts in the Portland-Vancouver area every month in car-oriented activities. In addition to this website and our Club Facebook page, local club members receive a periodic email newsletter to communicate upcoming chapter meetings, car shows & events, cars & parts for sale, and more. While many local club members work on their own cars, we also share leads on trusted local service providers, mechanics, and parts sources to keep our cars running and on the road.


Your membership dues also cover membership in AMCRC, the national Rambler Club. Benefits of your national membership include four issues of the quarterly Rambler Reader, an approximately 40-page publication containing AMC history, tech tips, member stories, letters, material reproduced from original AMC literature, chapter news, new parts vendors, and more. Included with the Rambler Reader is the Ad Release, showcasing classified ads for all things AMC—for sale and wanted to buy—including cars and parts, services, and literature. Members can place ads in the Ad Release. New members receive a "New Member Start-Up Packet" which includes a list of club services, production information showing how many AMCs were produced from 1958-1970, an AMCRC window decal, a membership post card, and other goodies. The national club also maintains its club website with a "Members Only" section, showcasing tech information (paint chip charts, wiring guides, brochures, etc.) and past issues of club publications. Visit and check out all the features offered to members on the national club website.

Membership with the national club also provides our local chapter with affordable car show liability insurance for our local club car show events. Access to this affordable insurance allows us to keep our car show entry fees lower and affordable.


CLICK HERE to download and print a Club Membership Application.

Mail your completed application with your check for $35.00 to:

ROSE CITY RAMBLER CLUB  58853 Childs Rd., St Helens, OR 97051

Make your check payable to: AMCRC Rose City Chapter

Please call any of our club officers if you have questions about the club or membership! Click here for contact info